Diztrac LLC Pre-Order policy

  • If an item is listed as Pre-Order Now, it has been ordered but we have not yet received it from the distributor/manufacturer.   
  • The release date indicated is the most current information we have. Please note that if we are in the month of August, and the item is marked This Item will release August 31, 2019, this means that the item has still not arrived (but is expected soon). As soon as it is in stock, the status will be changed to Add to Cart.
  • For most pre-order items, your credit card will be charged when the item is received in our warehouse.  Some specialty pre-order items may be charged up front. This secures your order and it will be shipped as soon as it is received from the distributor/manufacturer and before any orders placed after it is in stock. It will be indicated in the item description if the payment will be due up front.
  • Pre-Order items must be ordered individually (and on separate orders if multiple pre-order items are ordered). and cannot be ordered with in-stock items.
  • Items are shipped as they are received.  If you have multiple Pre-Order items arrive around the same time, we will do our best to prevent multiple shipments. A shipping charge will be applied each time an item is shipped according to our regular shipping schedule.
  • All release dates are subject to change by the distributor/manufacturer.  The release dates listed on our site are based on the latest information that we receive directly from the distributor/manufacturer.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities at any time. If an order comes in with a large quantity of a single figure, toy, or statue we reserve the right to adjust or limit the item. This is in an effort to satisfy as many customers as we possibly can on high demand items.  Although it is an extremely rare occurrence, this includes, but is not limited to, when the distributor/manufacturer limits or is unable to fill our full order quantity.  In the unlikely event this occurs, you will receive a full refund for any items that we are unable to ship.